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The company Dongfeng Trucks was founded at the foot of the Wudang Mountains, in the center of China. In these mountains, you frequently see the swallow birds flying and circling tight together, like dancing in the wind. A symbol of life, trust, technique and with energy.

We added the Taichi Kungfu mind-set, with its technique and movements, with two flying swallows, into our Brand. Here the twin swallows are visualized in a circle, like a wheel on a truck, moving with endless energy from the Taichi Kungfu spirit.

The twin swallows are acting with trust and confidence and flying by using advanced technique. These skills are handed down through generations past. These characteristics and the Taichi Kungfu, gave inspiration to our Company, Brand and our Core Values - Trust, Professional and Technique.

The Chinese word Dongfeng means Wind from the East. This will bring freshness and energy to us all. Now the twin swallows use the wind and their technique to fly higher and further out into the world. This spirit will open new possibilities and new roads for our business.