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September 28, 1969

This year, the Second Auto Works (SAW), the first Chinese made auto plant was founded in the city of Shiyan, Hubei province.

May 11, 1978

This year the Dongfeng EQ140 was put into production.

October 13, 1990

The truck Dongfeng EQ153 was into serial production.

September 4, 1992

This year, the Second Auto Works (SAW) was re-named to Dongfeng Motor Corporation.

July 1, 1999

Here Dongfeng made a major re-organization and established Dongfeng Trucks company.

July 1, 2003

Dongfeng Motor Group (DFG) and Nissan established China's largest auto joint venture. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company Limited (DFCV) was the division mainly engaged in heavy and medium duty truck.

May 28, 2006

This year the DONGFENG KL and DONGFENG KC were launched. Years later the DONGFENG KL was announced as the first truck, awarded as the “Well-known Trademark in China”.

April 5, 2008

The new DONGFENG KR was launched. DONGFENG KR is the winner of Award 2010 of Chinese Science & Technology Progress.

April 6, 2013

The new heavy duty truck - DONGFENG KX - was announced at the Shanghai Auto Show. The truck is designed for fast and heavy long haul transportation.

January 1, 2015

In year 2015, Dongfeng Motor Group (DFG) and the Volvo Group (AB Volvo) established Strategic Alliance. The legal company Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company Limited (DFCV) was established and the brand name Dongfeng Trucks was emphasized.

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