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Dongfeng brand portfolio of products highlighted at Auto China 2016


Auto China 2016 was held from April 25 to May 4,2 0 1 6 i n B e i j i n g , C h i n a .Themed a s “Trustworthy andInnovation”, Dongfeng Trucksbrought all portfolio of products tothe

event,demonstrating Dongfeng’stechnological strength, environmental-friendlyand innovative technologiesand strong manufacturing capability.The products included: DongfengKX, Dongfeng KL Special Edition,Dongfeng KC, Dongfeng KR,Dongfeng KL (right-hand drive) andDongfeng Electric Commuter. Otherproducts included three engines----DDi11 engine, DDi45 engine andDDi75 and four axles----p1301 forspecial purpose, portal S130 rearaxle,S135 rear-axle and 382 axleforbus.


Among these trucks, a modelof right-hand drive Dongfeng KL isspecifically designed and produced

for Southeast market. It has DongfengDDi75S292-40 engine with ratedpower of 215 kw, a maximum torqueof 1,200 Nm and FAST 9JS135DDtransmission with a maximum speedof 98 km/h. One of its significances isthat engines of all National StandardII, IV and V can be configured forthis model in line with various limitson emission of different countries andregions.


As for DDi series engine products,there are five major features asfollows: firstly, strong power-train.

4/6 inline cylinder with displacementof a range between 4.75 L to 11 Land maximum torque of a range

between 700 Nm to 2,100 Nm;Secondly, economy. Its specific fuelconsumptionis lower than 188g/kWh and output of the high-pressurecommon-rail fuel injection system is from 1,800 bar to 2,000bar; thirdly, highly-safe facility. There are high-intensity singlepiececast-iron cylinder-head, frame-style mainbearing-coverof the cylinder block and connecting-rod, plus large-capacitywater-pump, cast-iron flywheel-case, gear-chamber cover andstandard exhaust-brake; fourth, environmental-friendly. All these

engine products have been specifically optimized in manyaspects, so that they are able to meet the requests of NationalStandard IV and V, and the future upgrading; fifth, customers-orientedchoices.

Customers have options for spare parts andservice, etc.Presentation of these cutting-edge products has showcasedDongfeng’s advantage and capability of the lightweight ofwhole-vehicle to customers in China and abroad.

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