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Dongfengs 18 Millionth Vehicle and Dongfeng Trucks' 6 Millionth Vehicle Rolls Off Line


On September 27, a ceremony for Dongfeng Brand's 18 Millionth Vehicle and Dongfeng Trucks' 6 Millionth Vehicle to roll off the production line was held. The theme of the ceremony was “50 Years Of Endeavour Creates A Bright Future”. As another significant milestone in the development of Dongfeng Trucks, both a Dongfeng KX and Dongfeng KL slowly rolled off the production line, marking a new stage for the development of the Dongfeng Trucks' business.

The new Dongfeng KL concept vehicle is a hybrid tractor with a new concept cabin. Some of the new features are a large in cab screen to improving connectivity and the rear seat cushion is designed to be able to be switched to a seat and sleeper pattern to remove the passenger seat. The DDi13 engine is capable of identifying road markings, static and dynamic obstacles and traffic signs. Its intelligent decision-making and control technology render planning and control capabilities in both regular and irregular road environments.

The new Dongfeng KR concept vehicle is a pure electric vehicle. The integrated bumper and the streamlined front face are highly recognizable. The cabin is equipped with a water bar and a fridge. The wheel-hub motor has higher transportation efficiency and lighter weight than a tradional truck. The super cruising and multi-vehicle queue driving functions can be utilized when driving on the highway, dramatically reducing accident rates caused by driver's mis-operation.

Based on a combination of new technologies, changes in legislation and demand coming from our customers, Dongfeng Trucks follows the forward-looking product development concept: “improve, develop and pre-research products.” Significant efforts have been made on clarifying the five future trends of the truck market and ensuring Dongfeng Trucks five product platforms meet those trends. This includes ensuring the use of support technology to enhance product features and the competitiveness of our products and autonomous powertrains so we can capture the varied market segments in China.

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